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When is Kombat4Rare?

You can start fundraising, streaming and playing games anytime you want during the month of October. There will be dedicated charity streams from members of the fighting game community from October 14th - 29th that culminate in the Kombat4Rare Day on October 30th.  

Who can participate?

Anyone over the age of 17 can host and participate in #K4R. If you are under 17, please check with your parents and guardian before participating as this campaign involves Mortal Kombat, an M-rated fighting game.

What games can I play?

Although it would be great to play and stream Mortal Kombat because this is MK's 30th anniversary, other fighting games like MultiVersus are perfectly fine. Not into fighting games? That's okay too! We are here to be inclusive and bring together the larger gaming community with the purpose of raising awareness for rare diseases. 

What if I don't play games or stream?

No worries! You can stream other content that is not gaming related. In fact, you don't have to play games or stream at all. You are welcome to raise awareness for rare diseases and help fundraise for UBA5 research by just sharing on social media and telling your friends and families Kombat4Rare.

How do I stream?

You can stream on any platform like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook. We highly recommend Twitch because we have a Twitch extension and overlay to simplify donation for your audience. Here's our Streaming 101 Guide. There are other helpful guides out there to get started with streaming, like Twitch's Quick Start Guide

Are there any NO-NOs?

You are welcome to play, stream and encourage your network however you want to help us raise awareness. However, there are a few NOs and guidelines that we would like you to agree to:

  • No profanity, sexually explicit or bigoted language or visuals

  • No playing while intoxicated

  • No illegal drugs or paraphernalia

 How can I get a tax receipt ?

A receipt should have been emailed to you after your donation was made. If you need a copy of your receipt please contact us.

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