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Be Part Of The Movement

Kombat4Rare is about raising awareness for rare diseases and fundraising for critical research that will result in crucial treatments. But it is also about having fun and taking the moment to celebrate MK's 30th Anniversary and the culture of gaming for good.  So sit back, play, create, watch and share the Kombat4Rare campaign with your friends, family and community. Together, we can make a difference. So let's get started...


Sign Up

Register and customize your profile. You are encouraged to share your story of why you are joining Kombat4Rare and then set a fundraising goal. And don't forget to add fundraising incentives to motivate your potential donors.

Build Your Team

Start building your squad. The more teammates you have, the greater the impact. Send out texts, social media invites, emails and other creative ways to recruit. Don't forget to come up with an amazing team name.


Play & Create

Start playing, create content and stream Mortal Kombat! Not into MK? You can play other fighting games like MultiVersus or whatever you want. Just keep in mind this is a charity.

Earn Badges

Unlock fundraising achievement badges by hitting individual and team fundraising milestones. Show off and brag about your Kombat4Rare badges. Badges are based on solo or team fundraising.


Win Prizes

We will have amazing giveaways throughout the campaign. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to find out about the prizes and how to enter. There is no fundraising minimum required to enter the giveaways!

Watch Live Streams 

Sit back and watch scheduled charity streams from members within the gaming community and tune into the Kombat4Rare Day stream with special guest appearances, content and tournaments.

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