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Achievement Badges

How many badges will you unlock as a single fundraiser or as a team?

The badges will show up in your profile once you unlock them.

New Challenger

Raise $100

No Longer a Noob

Raise $500

Feeling The Energy

Raise $1,000

It's Getting Icy In Here

Raise $5,000

That's Toasty

Raise $10,000

I'm A Big Fan

Send 10 donation emails

Keep It Rolling

Send 25 donation emails

Friendship, Friendship

Raise $500 as a team

That's Shinny

Raise $1,000 as a team

Flawless Victory

Raise $5,000 as a team

Ohm My Goodness

Raise $10,000 as a team

That's A Fastality

5 Team Members

Excellent Netting

10 Team Members

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